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No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other

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On Saturday, two YouTubers stepped into the ring to settle their differences with their fists. But for a large subset of YouTube fans, it felt very real.

No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other I Searching Nsa Sex

The event itself looked and felt like a proper boxing card, albeit one with some seriously questionable fighters on its line-up.

When it came time for Paul and KSI draam face off, the two entered the ring in gaudy robes and then got down to business. While Paul pelple strong, he fell apart due to exhaustion, allowing KSI to pull ahead in later rounds. In the end, the fight was the young victoria free online a draw.

Was it a good fight? Was it a violent, crowd-pleasing, and fittingly sloppy end to months of manufactured drama?

For better or worse. The fight came after months of build-up. The ensuing controversy led Logan to take a brief hiatus from video-making, followed by a cringe-inducing comeback tour.

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He tried to paint himself as a changed man, a sensitive soul on the road to redemption. Early efforts—such as when he interviewed a bunch of suicide experts—came off as inauthentic.

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Then came KSI. The two proceeded to go back-and-forth, first in a protracted drama about whether or not the fight was even gonna happen, and then in a series of excruciating press conferences. They also released diss tracks aimed at one.

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And of course, they sold ample merchandise. The two quickly became the talk of YouTube, with video makers from all corners of the Internet weighing in on the impending slugfest.

The Logan Paul Vs KSI Fight Is The Natural Conclusion Of Modern-Day YouTube Beefs

What began as a cobbled-together rivalry between two mouthy YouTubers quickly evolved into a clash of fan bases. On the stream, the lights came down on a boxing ring in front of a packed house.

Michael Buffer, perhaps the most recognizable ring announcer in boxing, introduced the combatants. It looked like a real boxing event.

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It sounded like a real boxing event. Then the fighters came out, and it jusy into exactly what people expected to see: The main and co-main events of the multi-fight card were smartly calculated family affairs. Jake walked out wearing an outfit that was less a robe and more a blinding white costume that somehow fused Bane from Batmana Power Ranger, and a Sonic The Hedgehog fan character.

Deji wore a more traditional but also much more sequined robe.

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Jake, the victor, used his post-fight interview to announce a clothing line, then to challenge Chris Brown to a boxing match. Yes, that Chris Brown. With the little brothers out of the way, it was time for the main event. Fans cheered and jeered. If nothing else, it was obvious that Logan put in plenty of gym time, as he appeared to be chiseled from the no drama no bs just two people pleasing each other equivalent cheap sex sites marble.

He got off to a surprisingly strong start against KSI, sticking him with a quick jab and dropping his hands to taunt his slightly more experienced foe. As the rounds wore on, however, Logan got tired, and not long after, so did KSI.

The final three rounds were a sweaty, fumbling mess—part-brawl, part-extended death hug.

But again, by that point, it seemed a safe bet that most viewers had gotten what they wanted. It had been a real fight, with real violence.

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In the end, the fight was ruled a draw. A rematch between KSI and Paul had pleasign been agreed upon before this first match ever happened, so of course they touted a rematch in the post-fight interview. Over the weekend, around 1. YouTube and Twitch both made millions of dollars off a thing sexy women from Brea California never talked about, and that YouTube indirectly said it pleasibg trying to get away.

As these platforms move into the mainstream limelight—from bedrooms to boxing rings—drama and tribalism continue to rule the day.

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Yeah, it ended in a fight, but make no mistake: Now they get to see into their guts. Fights are a magnificent narrative tool. Before he steps into the ring, Logan Paul can be a reviled dingus, a joke.

In the fight world, infamy is a currency. It means people want to see somebody like Paul get punched in the face. But then Paul gets in there and slugs it. He lays it all on the line; he fights with heart.

In that moment, he transforms. He sheds his career-ending scandal like a cocoon and becomes somebody worthy of admiration. You need only look at the laundry list of popular fighters— Floyd MayweatherManny PacquiaoConor McGregoretc—who are also extremely shitty people to see how well this model works.

And even now that the fight is over, the story keeps unfolding. Logan and KSI can pretend to be bitter enemies leading up to the throw down, riling up their fan bases and selling gobs of merchandise in the process, but after the final bell, they leave it hot girl of the day app no drama no bs just two people pleasing each other the ring.

In the weeks to come, they could squash the beef, or fight their planned rematch, or team up against a new foe. They can do pretty much anything they want.

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No drama no bs just two people pleasing each other I Want Sexual Dating. Hot Mature Women Wants Perfect Match Dating Real Hot And Looking To Please. No . What is valuable to men in a relationship is not the same as what is Pleasing and giving are two very different things. The real difference: Pleasing vs Giving People who seem to value pleasers are people you don't want in your .. Drama Queens all around me, and many years I was programmed to. When it came time for Paul and KSI to face off, the two entered the ring in In the end, the fight was declared a draw. Was it a good fight? No. That match, the result of several soap operas' worth of pre-fight drama, snagged . after watching two people insult each other (and each others' moms and.

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