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Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene

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This Susquehanna County area was once known for its hops grown for regional breweries. Located in western Pennsylvania, Indiana took its name from the native Indians in the area. The Amish village of Intercourse was named by George Brungard in At that time, the word 'intercourse' commonly referred to a commercial or trading site.

As one writer from the Amish Country News has noted, "in the written annals of early days, 'intercourse' had a common usage referring to the pleasant mutual fellowship and frequent intermingling which was so much more common in the informal atmosphere of the quiet country village of that day. Jersey Shore: This middle aged swingers is nowhere near its namesake. Located on the north side of the Susquehanna River, from to it was called Waynesburg, but since many settlers came there through New Jersey, the locals liked to teasingly call it the Jersey Shore.

The name stuck and was changed to Jersey Shore around By the way, this town is inland, and when I did a search, I found it to be about miles from inland New Jersey. Jim Thorpe: Jim Thorpe was got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene called Mauch Chunk but because a number of murders and hangings had taken place there and the town was decreasing in population, its name was changed got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Mauch Chunk to Jim Thorpe to help generate tourism.

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Located in Franklin County, this town was either named for its pottery works or its booze. King of Prussia: Kunkle was one of the town's heed settlers and businessmen.

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The name of the town is frequently mispronounced and hot and sexy Lauro de freitas Knuckletown. Located in Lancaster Osbcene, Lititz was founded in by got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene of the Moravian Obscend and was named after a castle in Bohemia.

Located in Washington County, we can only speculate about how it got its. For some reason, this western Pennsylvania town was named after the Roman god of war. There is some controversy over the local escorts of this name; some say it was named after a mill, and others say the name "Milwaukee" is an anglicized version of the Algonquin Indian word for "good land.

This township outside of Pittsburgh got its name from a bend in a nearby river that looks like a crescent-shaped moon.

Mount Joy: We do not know the origins of the. The residents got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene this community in Forest County are said to have headed to Nebraska and been disillusioned, got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene they returned to Pennsylvania.

Why they chose to name their town after a place they disliked is anyone's guess. Noodle Doosie: Records indicate that this town was founded in the mids. Located in Lancaster County, its name was changed to Napierville a number of years ago because it sounded less silly.

Apparently no one could say the former name of their town with a straight face or without getting a lot of laughs. Located in Western Pennsylvania, this town got its name because it is the site of a state teacher's college that was once known as a "normal school.

Located in Schuylkill Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene, Norwegian got its name from the German settlers who thought the mountains resembled those found in Norway. We're not sure if the town name is pronounced like Yoko Ono the name of the artist who was married to John Lennon or if it's pronounced "Oh No! Located in Bradford County, this town was named after a nearby water-powered sawmill that overshot a stream nearby.

Located in Centre County, this town was named after settler George Pancake. Inthis got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Pennsylvania town was about to open a post office, but the people of the town realized that the town's name—Samoka—was already taken and they had to come up with a new one. As the story goes, no one could agree on a name and panic set in. Someone suggested they call the town "Panic," and on this, everyone agreed. Some say this town was named by the settler Joshua Scott around because he thought it was beautiful, "like paradise.

Peach Bottom: Located on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, this village got its name in from a peach orchard owned by a settler named John Kirk. This species of pigeon is got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene today. Located in northwestern Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney was named by the local Indians for a vicious sandfly that caused them to avoid the area. Rough and Ready: Located in the Appalachian Mountains of Luzerne County, Shickshinny is an Indian word that either means "land of mountains" or "land of the fine stream.

Slippery Rock: Some of the locals say that the town was so named because George Washington i want sex Bear fleeing an Indian and chose to cross horny slut Garden grove creek at Slippery Rock. The Indian who was following him lost his footing on the slippery rocks and misfired, thereby sparing Washington and giving the town its. Located in Centre County, Snowshoe got its name in when surveyors found a snowshoe hanging from a tree limb.

Stump Creek: Located in Jefferson County, this town was named after a stream running through the town. Petersburg who settled in the area. It is located in Clarion County. Two Lick Valley: I guess one lick wasn't. Located in Berks County, Virginville is the translation of an Indian name meaning "virgin" or "pure. Located in western Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh, Versailles got its name from the famous French palace, although the reason is unknown, as it doesn't seem to have had French settlers.

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The locals pronounce it "ver-sales. Yellow House: Located in Berks County, Yellow House was named for a rest house that was painted—you guessed it—yellow. Lancaster County is located in the south-eastern part of Pennsylvania. When traveling white tantric sex the area, you will see horse-drawn buggies and some of the best crafts and heartiest home-cooked food in America.

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But Lancaster County is special for another reason as. This extremely religious community has some of the sexiest and silliest town and community names on the planet! It's hard to stop yourself from laughing at names like:. The road sign for Intercourse in Lancaster County is Pennsylvania's most stolen sign. It is actually not the one pictured above, but the sign we wanted to show you is unavailable because it was stolen. Intercourse, Pennsylvania is not hard to find in spite of the fact that you can no longer find any road signs directing you.

They are stolen as fast as they're put up, so the Department of Transportation no longer bothers. got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene

Since reams have been written on the law of obscenity,'9 the only ex-. 5 (Grove Press ed. ). , C.P. Philadelphia County, Pa., -0 In Los Angeles, . Xavier de Roux is a deeply conservative politician who has served both Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene mayor of his provincial town and as. A Philadelphia TV reporter was fired after her obscene rant against cops outside a comedy club was caught on camera. When asked if she had identification she said, "Yes I have ID on me but remembers little of the incident and thinks she may have been drugged. philadelphia · pennsylvania · media.

Moscow, Nazareth, and the others on the list above aren't the only Pennsylvania town names that seem more than slightly out of place. Here are a few. Origins of Town Names of Northeast Pennsylvania. Wright Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Grew up right next to Ono. Pronounced "oh, no! Because there's really nothing to got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene on Rte 22 nearby there are a lot of old s motels. Clearfield, Pennsylvania, PA, 16830 pretty much just an intersection of a highway with a pizza shop and the old Oh Yes gas station that's now a shipping company hq.

There's an old school house and black male masterbate hardware store around there too, but that's pretty much it.

Burnt Cabins is not in Centre county but Fulton I live in CA. I went to Philadelphia on a business trip. I saw Ono on the map so I decided to take a trip there on the weekend to see how the town got its. It really more like an intersection of two roads. There was a sign that read 'Ono Fire Dept'. I stopped and talked to a resident to ask how the town got its. What she hot saudi woman to me was the same story that 'ToTheBrimm LM ' described, that at the Town Hall meetings to name the town, the response to every suggested potential name, there would always be an objection, Oh no, that won't.

After so many Oh nos, it was decided to name the town Ono. Great hub - we've really enjoyed. We play got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Pennsylvania game where you got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene towns in PA to spell your. And Lover PA.

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Not to mention Erie PA. Nice lens.

We've been to Lancaster PA. At the end of this month, we're planning a 4-day visit and will be seeing as much as we can got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene the area. It will no doubt turn up in one or more of my lenses Philly, cheesesteaks, ice hockey, chocolate You should look up Bikinis, Texas JuneMary LM: Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene many Pennsylvania counties and towns having the same names as those in England and the suggestion that these names may have come from early inhabitants who were from England, you're right!

I just looked up "Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and it was named for the home of an early settler from the city of Lancaster in Lancaster County, England!

I haven't looked up all of them but certainly this is the case for a number of names that are the. Thanks for contributing! I grew up in Punxsutawney many years ago.

I would get smiles when someone asked me where I was from but the name of your town definitely beats mine! Thanks Paul! I've heard of many of these and really do need to include Oil City. Thanks for the reminder and your contribution to PA funny town names! Will have to look that one up! Gym friendspokane fitness Billings Montana a good lens.

I shall have to come back for another read. I counted at least 8 counties with the same names as English ones and numerous English town names. Maybe they were named after where the inhabitants came from? There are definitely some funny place names in our world, aren't there? I really enjoyed seeing all the different funny place names.

More goofy PA town names: Chazz, the town names "Oliphant" and "Dunmore" are hilarious. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. Clare, Ireland. I am visiting my son in Dauphin, PA and touring. Thanks for the excellent, well researched lens.

As a lifetime Pennsylvanian who has lived on both sides of the state, I've visited many of the places you have mentioned. My favorites are the charming Amish villages. I didn't know the history behind the names before though, so thank you for sharing their interesting stories. What a great idea for a lens! Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene reading it!

You left out two that have always struck me as having a humorous sound and were often the subject of jokes by residents in the area: Oliphant and Dunmore both are near Moscow in the Scranton area. Thanks Julie! Yes, it's also in PA. Wonder if it exists anywhere else besides Russia, Florida and Pennsylvania I did leave out Nazareth!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It will be added in the next day or two. I never heard of Kunkletown! That's definitely sounds like it should be added. Phildelphia that anywhere near Kutztown? Bangor and Pen Argy don't make the first list but I'll look into Kunkletown.

Thanks for your feedback and contribution. Shame shame -- you got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene out Nazareth as a misplaced town. And for funny names, we live in Kunkletown PPhiladelphia is remixed to Knuckletown by many on the phone. Other towns around are Bangor and Pen Argyl. Great place to live, the indoor mall got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene a mile long Pennsylvania does certainly have its fair share of funny names.

I've spent some time in Intercourse, it's a pretty nice area - and, no, I'm not just making an off-color joke. Blessed by a SquidAngel. Funny lens! I've heard a lot of this information while growing up in PA.

I forgot about most of. Thanks for the refresher! So funny!!

I think we can find funny names of towns everywhere, but they sound even funnier if you collect them and put Philadelphiia together in a showcase like you did You made me laugh, thanks: Maybe they have changed the name of the town in the last few years, murfreesboro city chat rooms for adults perhaps "Nebraska" got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene the name of a township or unincorporated area.

Pennsylavnia found it! There is a second Gor, just as you said! An article about Jermyn, Pennsylvania on Wikipedia says: ToTheBrimm LM: That's a great story. I'll either add the story about "Ono" to the next lens update, or make a special section with info Pennsylvania readers!

As my Grandfather used to tell the story, Ono's name came about because no other name could be decided. Whenever anyone suggested a name, everyone else would answer "Oh No. I came across this site looking got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene some information as I happened to be in Intercourse, PA, earlier this week. Nebraska, PA, was a surprise to me because it was not the one I knew. I was familiar with place northeast of Scranton.

It's in Archbald Boro but is effectively a portion of and is only accessibly from neighboring Jermyn that sprawled across the municipal boundary. Searching on a site like Google Maps got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Nebraska, PA, returns it; I only know of it because I grew-up a few miles from there and, on one adventurous day as a newly-licensed driver, I drove into that part of town to be greeted brazil women dating a large white-on-green sign welcoming me to it.

Fun lens. What fun, I would say that Pennsylvania has a long history of folks with a sense of humor. I've nice dating places in singapore been to Pennsylvania but if that most popular sign is missing again I had fun researching Beaver Pa after reading your comment! I found that the Chief, who was called "King Beaver," was in fact named after the beavers in the area.

You are right in saying it is a less direct connection, although it is in fact true. I will got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene the towns namesake in the next lens update. Thanks for commenting and letting me know about the Chief. Great to get the facts right.

It's good to hear from a Beaver, Pennsylvania native! I will add Shamokin, PA in the near future. Thank you for commenting on the correct pronunciation of "Ono," as in Ono, PA!

Also I loved the fact about the convenience store named "Oh Yes!

Got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene Looking Private Sex

I grew up pronouncing Ono like Yoko Ono. I used to travel through the town to visit my Grandmother as a kid. Fun fact: There is a convenience store on the man drag in town called the "Oh Yes".

I'm impressed by all the research you did! I can't wait to get Pennsulvania chance to explore Pennsylvania. What a fun article! I knew PA had a lot of funny names, but never realized that there were so got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene I'm leaving with a smile on my face!

Thanks for all your hard work researching this! Thanks for your comment Elizabeth! I had fun researching. And I know Beaver!

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My mother lived in Sexy women want sex tonight Eufaula, which is nearby.

According to a forum on the genealogy of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, Beaver was named after "King Beaver," Pennsylvanai of the Turkey tribe of the Delaware Indians in the later half of the s.

It suggests that the Native American tribes in Pennsylvania were "distinguished" by the names of their favorite animals, and that the members of Philadelpbia tribe took on animal names as. Apparently there is much controversy over the actual source of the. I maintain that the Piladelphia came from the animal and that the Native American Chief also took his got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene from the animal.

However, I'm git to singles vancouver bc proven wrong. So if gto or anyone else has more information to add, please do! Though I imagine he was named for the beavers in the creeks and rivers in the area, but it's not as direct a connection as you say.

Texas also has some funny names. Well done lens! Some got a little Philadelphia Pennsylvania need obscene the indian names are hard to pronounce for a southern boy!

Kim, As a child, I grew up not too far from Dubois and it's true. No one would even think of pronouncing it the "French" way. As you sadi, Dubois is pronounced "doo-boys. My husband is from Pennsylvania and I remember I couldn't pronounce many of the street names the first time I toured the area. Monitor Political Cartoons. A Christian Science Perspective. Monitor Movie Guide.

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