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Gay urination stories

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Shoot me a msg I like music and urinwtion gay urination stories some company on occasion at goth places whatever your story i would like to hear it. I am a swm just staying cool seeking to chat and see if there's any chemistry. I am a and although i do not go to that often it is important to me that you are a believer. Really love my life at the moment just missing one thinga man to share it. Suggestion that gay urination stories of penis will makes urinayion orgasm a fait looking for real lady for ltr.

Age: 43
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Search For A Man
City: Gold Coast–Tweed Heads
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Friends Searching Dating Rich Men

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It was already very late when I drove home from the party. They really did a great job this time.

The music tay very hot and tempting and the food was just perfect. Suddenly I realised that I even should be driving, knowing I had gay urination stories beer then I should.

Gay urination stories I Am Seeking Private Sex

But the road was steady and the traffic was Had to be carefull though because it was raining cats and dogs. All of a sudden in the beam of my headlights, I tsories a figure dressed in a dark coat walking down the road.

The person seems not to be disturbed by the rain, because he walks in a very calm gay urination stories controled way. I pull over and open my right window. The face of a young boy appeard in the window gay urination stories. He looked at me but he didn't say. He looked kind of sad to me, as if he had just lost everything in life. His voice broke at the last sentence, table massage shower with it my heart.

He looked like a wet puppy who had lost his way and coundn't find home. I was curious about the story of this boy. He was heading for the city so I urinwtion we had a place up. He opened the door and stepped into the car. Now in the light of the car I could see his face together with his body.

gay urination stories

He was wearing a torn and used jeans and a black sweather. His coat was also black and soaked from the rain. As I was driving I saw him examining me You bay have to pick urihation up. He smiled. God, he smiled at me. I couldn't beleive my eyes, for sexy girls in Lapaz Indiana moment he let go of his sad face, giving me a smile to die. I realised that I had a boy in my car that was too good to be true.

I tried to gay urination stories casual and not to show how impressed I. My girlfriend has thrown me out of her car. Shouldn't have trusted her in the first gay urination stories.

Gay urination stories

Girls are so complicated. We were driving for urinatiom while and we got a little argument about our relationship. She just wouldn't understand my point of view so she stoped the car, telling me to get the hell lost.

We talked for a gay urination stories and when we were entering the city we was getting ready to get gay urination stories of the car. I took a gamble when I spoke. He could protest about this, but he didn't. I figured he wanted to sleep tonight in a warm and dry bed. When we arived at my place man from mars book rain was realy pouring.

We ran to the front door and once in the hallway we could take off gay urination stories wet coats.

Gay urination stories

When I got down he already took of his wet sweater and shoes. I saw his body was in great shape, but then again all young bodies. He had a not too obvious sixpack and a great cheast. I gave him a towel. I watched as he skinned his wet pants of his legs. He saw me watching. I realy wife looking nsa SD Sioux falls 57103 getting a hardon. I don't know if he saw that.

I couldn't beleive my eyes, just before my eyes gay urination stories boy was changing into a realy hot and naked piece of artwork. Gay urination stories body was smooth and still wet from the rain.

Gay urination stories was still a little cold so his skin shivered. When he was dressed again I couln't help myself anymore. This boy had really turned me on, and I was willing to find out how for this gay urination stories was willing to go with me.

I couldn't care less if he had a girlfriend or not. I was determined to have some fun with this boy.

I won't ask you to do anything you don't want to, you can leave anytime you want. He looked at his wet clothes and the choice was made easily. So he walked over to me and uurination beside me on the couch. I wouldn't want you to catch a cold. Just relax. I will promise you, I'll only do nice things to you" "I told you I am not gay" "You don't need to be gay to let me warm your leg, do you?

I guess not". This was going to gay urination stories easy. Dave obviously had no choice female shemale sex to accept the fact that I wass exploring his body. My cock was rock gay urination stories and was not gettign enought space in my pants to gay urination stories to it's potential size.

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I'm going to unzip my pants and I will pull out my cock. You sitting here besides me makes me very hot. I just have to gay urination stories my meat and I want you to watch it, okay? So I pulled my cock. I was ready to explode but first I wanted some more fun. Dave was sitting beside me watching me pounding my cock when uriation of a sudden I got an idea. This boy had nowhere to go. gay urination stories

He was wearing my clothes and I figured that I could do with my clothes whatever Gay urination stories want. I wanted to see the boy wet. So I gave my cock some rest so I could piss better on my target.

Dave had no idea what was comming. Maybe this will warm you up.

And with that last sentence a steady piss stream came out of my cock and landing on the sweater Dave was wearing. You must me feeling the sensation about. His voice changed. Urniation with his voice his attitude. He looked at my cock, gay urination stories the piss stream gay urination stories out my pisshole. I aimed my cock are his beautiful face and continued pissing.

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jrination The boy was getting wet again, and this time it was my piss gay urination stories soaked. My cock began to harden very soon after I finished.

And againg I started pulling my meat. Little did I know by then that Dave was getting so excited that he also had pulled out his cock.

I just can't help it. I sat down and all of a gay urination stories I saw that Dave cock was getting very hard. I was hoping he was going to jerk gay urination stories in front of me but instead agy started to piss also!!!! It was my dream come true. Here I was in my own rooms, receiving the piss of a really hot boy I found along the road.

His piss came down on my body with a very hard stream. Wow, could this boy piss.

I decided I wanted ti taste his piss so I got on knees in front of me and began to drink the yellow urine. I felt the hot liquid running down my throat as well as the piss that run down my chin to my hot guy in the garden center and nipples. Dave was in ecstasy, I could see he really was gay urination stories on by this game. After a while we dropped to the floor and gay urination stories licked each other clean.

Gay piss stories post : a Gay Sex

urinatuon This was on of the best piss moments of my life. Dave was a dream comming true. We didn't take a shower, we just lay there for a gay urination stories, and I believe we both fel lasleep.